Last Sunday we took an hour off and went for a walk to the Brough of Birsay.  It was beautiful.  We witnessed two visitors almost getting stranded on the other side of the tidal causeway.  We whistled and shouted to get their attention and they eventually realised we were trying to warn them of the state of the tide.  You can cross over 2 hours either side of low tide and the tide seems to rise very slowly until the last 20 mins when it sweeps in at great speed.  We came across this jar as we were coming back, I wonder how long it had been on the sea bed to allow the shellfish to attach themselves? And how did it then get dislodged and arrive on the shore?

Newbigging Orkney Self Catering

A tasteful cottage located in peaceful farmland with spectacular views. Only 3 miles from local amenities and many of the historical sites are within a 15 minute drive.