Sunday 5th February and I took a walk down to our farm turbine to check that it was still secure after all the winter gales.  Our pup Ollie loves to run free in the fields at this time of year when there are no cattle out. I took a look down the water course which runs down from the hill and through the farm down to the Loch of Isbister and could not believe my eyes when I saw Marsh Marigolds flowering.  They are not usually seen until April/ May.   I decided to get a photo and ended up in the ditch with pup following and a welly boot full of water!   We have snwodrops, crocuses and miniature daffodils out so spring is definatley round the corner. The cows are calving and the farmer is out fencing. Perhaps we should not get too excited as there will still be many storms and snow to come!

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November has been a lovely month of many dry days with clear blue skies, unusual for this time of year I admit!  We have had a few frosty mornings but it has been quite mild.  Having a new puppy has meant I have been outside at various times of day from early morning to last thing at night.  We have had some beautiful clear skies to enjoy the stars and planets.  The experienced photographers have been getting some nice photos of the Northern Lights but I have not seen them this winter yet.  They are seen through the camera much more often than we see them with the naked eye.  We have enjoyed many bonnie Sunday afternoons at the beach with Ollie our Cocker Spaniel pup.  He loves running along the sand and exploring the rock pools, the waves washing up to his feet and meeting other dogs.  Everything is so new and exciting for a pup!  The first time he landed in a rock pool he just stopped in shock as he realised his paws were cold and wet!  The foam being washed up by the waves is another source of interest as he chases it up and down the beach.  Then there are all the gulls and plethora of little birds to watch.  So many new and intriguing things to explore........

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We have 5 nights available in our luxury apartment, Kringla 3 from Saturday 15th October.  The apartment is a lovely warm homely place to return to each evening after seeing all the sights. Harvest time can be a beautiful time to visit Orkney with golden fields, glorious sunsets and a chance to see the Northern Lights!  However it can also be cold and wet and windy so take plenty warm waterproof clothes!

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Are you looking for a last minute holiday in Orkney?

We have had a busy summer and now have a few weeks available before the end of the season.

Kringla 1 - 21st October onwards

Kringla 3 - 24th October for up to 11 nights

Kringla 2 - (well behaved dog owners allowed) is available from 29th October onwards



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Newbigging Orkney Self Catering

A tasteful cottage located in peaceful farmland with spectacular views. Only 3 miles from local amenities and many of the historical sites are within a 15 minute drive.