We have had some fantastic sunsets during August this year.  The Orkney skies are fabulous.  The Northern Lights even made a fantastic display in August which is very early.

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Kringla 2 - dog friendly

***29th August for 4 nights £30 OFF = £300***

12th September 7 nights = £350

Kringla 1

26th August 3 nights = £255

5th September 4 nights = £300

Kringla 3

30th August 3 nights £260

5th September 4 nights = £320

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Kringla 3

15th August for 11 nights £738.  £138 OFF = £600








Kringla 2

15th August for 5 nights £425.  £50 OFF =  £375

29th August for 4 nights £330.  £30 OFF = £300

15th September for 4 nights £300








Kringla 1

26th August for 3 nights £255

5th September for 4 nights £300



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Orkney has had a very difficult period of wet and cold weather this year.  There will be far reaching consequences as cattle were very late out and some farmers had to sell as they did not have enough grass.  Some farmers have even had to take cattle back into the byres as they were making so much mess in the wet fields. The crops have not grown as they should and therefore there will be a reduction in the quantity and quality of winter fodder made on the islands.  This will impact on the number of cattle that can be over wintered.  We have already ordered a load of straw to be shipped from the mainland to help see us through the winter.  Today we are very relieved as we have harvested our silage crop.  

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Newbigging Orkney Self Catering

A tasteful cottage located in peaceful farmland with spectacular views. Only 3 miles from local amenities and many of the historical sites are within a 15 minute drive.